Past event

Mediation in Ukraine before and after conflict Sponsored by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at St Andrews

Speaker – Hanna Dushkova

Ms. Dushkova is a lawyer and mediator registered with Scottish Mediation. Before resettling to Scotland because of the conflict in Ukraine, she was a family mediator with the League of Mediators of Ukraine and Odesa Private School. She is a member of the Association of Family Mediators of Ukraine and a trainer on communication skills and emotional intelligence. She is an expert with the NGO, Poruch, and the School of Peace project and a graduate of the German Civil Service for Peace (forum ZFD), ‘Effective Communications based on Non-Violent Communication'.

She will speak about her experiences of being a mediator in Ukraine, how the conflict has impacted on mediation practice there, and her mediation work in Scotland.