Past event

MECACS - Roundtable - 10 Years after the Arab Uprisings

Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies (MECACS) presents a Roundtable discussion looking at the Arab Uprisings ten years on.


Dr Jasmine Gani, St Andrews
Western Responses to the Uprisings

Josephine Jackson, St Andrews
International Responses to Gaddafi and Assad's crackdown against the uprisings.

Ola Rifai, Centre for Syria Studies Research Fellow
Arabism, Islamism and Syrianism: Identity Balancing During the Syrian Uprising
Aisha al-Rashdi, St Andrews

The Sectarian Securitization of the Uprising and the space of the Pearl Roundabout
Marta Furlan, St Andrews

Salafi-Jihadist rebel governance following the Arab Spring: al-Qa'ida in Yemen as case study.

Ahmed Abozaid, St Andrews
Arab Spring and Counter-Terrorism Strategies

Chair – Prof Ray Hinnebusch, St Andrews