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POSTPONED -- Learning about Community in a Crisis Global Health: Lessons from a Pandemic - St Andrews Summer Lecture Series

This event has been postponed, with further details coming soon. You can register your interest now by emailing

Professor Stephen Reicher, a social psychologist and expert in crowd psychology, presents on the phenomenon of collective resilience, what it tells us more generally about the psychology of community and how (not) to build inclusive and cohesive communities.

Online lecture with options to participate in follow up Q&A and a small group session.

This is the first lecture in the St Andrews Summer Lectures Series on Global Health, which addresses the societal challenges arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the virtual series, you will hear from leading academics and engage in conversations on a range of related topics, including government and policy-making, science communication, and psychology.

Tickets for the series range from £50 to £500 (credited and certificated options available).

If you are a current student or member of staff at the University of St Andrews, please email in the first instance.

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