Past event

How to reinforce a sense of belonging in the classroom An afternoon with Dr Greg Walton (Stanford)

This event sponsored by the Enhancement Theme team and the Centre for Higher Education Research (CHER).

Greg Walton is known internationally for his large body of work on belonging and threats to belonging as important contributing factors in student success and experience on campus. The research is based on simple and effective interventions at the campus and classroom level that can change educational outcomes in systemic ways. We are delighted to have Greg visit with us now in person in St Andrews.

The day is divided in 2 main sections. In the afternoon we will focus on what individual teaching staff and front-line service staff can do in our interactions with students to support and reinforce belonging in the classroom and in the Schools more generally. The afternoon session will be of interest to anyone involved in teaching with an aspiration to improve the student experience of belonging.

See also the morning session, which will focus on networking belonging initiatives across campus.