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Ejaj Ahmad, Alumnus, Founder and President, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center part of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education

Ejaj Ahmad is an Economics graduate of St Andrews and Founder and President of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), the country's first leadership institute. BYLC's vision is to create a more just, prosperous, and inclusive society by training the next generation of leaders. Over the past decade, he has overseen the organization's rapid growth---to date, there are 5,500 BYLC alumni, many of whom have gone on to leadership roles across Bangladesh and abroad.

For his work at BYLC, Ejaj has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards and fellowships, most notable are the Ashoka Fellowship, Eisenhower Fellowship, and Harvard Kennedy School's Rising Star Award, which is given annually to a Kennedy School graduate who, within six years of graduation, has stood out as a catalyst for change for the greater good and has demonstrated unparalleled leadership at the national or global level. Ejaj holds a Master's in Public Policy from Harvard University and a Master of Arts (Hons) in Economics the University of St Andrews.