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Early Career Women Network -- Intersecting racism, sexism and 'DIY' digital culture

Digital advancements and the rise of social media have expanded and changed the ways that black women in Britain are depicted in media, both online and offline. How are the lives of black women in Britain influenced by online content and communication? How do their online experiences shape processes of cultural production? Dr Francesca Sobande, of Edge Hill University (UK), will draw on her research on the media experiences of black women in Britain to facilitate a discussion on the intersections of racism, sexism and capitalism.

Dr Francesca Sobande is a lecturer in marketing and advertising at Edge Hill and her research focuses on issues concerning race, gender, media and the marketplace.

Join us in School 5, United College for the talk and discussion. We will then move to the Hebdomadar's Room for networking and further discussion over tea, coffee and vegan cake.

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