Byre World: Child of the Big City Free (ticketed)

Byre World: Child of the Big City

Evgeny Bauer (1865 to 1917) was a Russian director of client cinema, most known for his extraordinary use of set design, mise-en-scene, and camera work, pioneering for his time. Since rediscovery of his films in the 1980s, Bauer has come to be seen as the major film-maker of his era not only in Russia, but in silent cinema in general.

The topics he covered in his productions – of love, female emancipation, class, society – were ahead of his time, and resonate with audiences today.

The screening of Evgeny Bauer’s Child of the Big City (1914) is curated by Andrew Hill, Maria Korolkova and Margarita Vaysman and will be accompanied by the New Music Ensemble’s live performance of a newly written score by Andrew Hill.

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