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Brown bag seminar for School of Management with CREDI Effects of high CEO pay and high intraorganisational pay inequality

This event is one in a series of brown bag research seminars within the School of Management, and has been organised jointly with the Centre for Research, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (CREDI).

The series aims to provide opportunities to showcase ongoing research and offer a regular space for colleagues across the School to come together and open up research conversations across the thematic groups and research centres.

Dr Boyka Bratanova, Shuting Liu and Dr Juliette Summers will lead the seminar, presenting a talk titled, ‘The harmful effects of high CEO pay and high intraorganisational pay inequality on employees' workplace perceptions and experiences'.

Their research uses data from Scotland and the USA, and provides evidence that pay inequality, both perceived and actual, has harmful effects for employees. The analysis shows that high CEO pay and high pay inequality are linked to the following for employees:

* perceptions of their employer as less caring and competent
* lower engagement
* lower trust
* feelings of not being treated fairly, valued, or respected at work
* heightened perception of prejudice, discrimination, bullying and harassment at work
* lower wellbeing.

The study demonstrates that these effects are partly or fully explained by a perceived culture of competition within the organisation, marked by heightened social comparison and a focus on performance over learning and ethics.

The presentation will consider reasons that organisations may struggle to foster a culture conducive to engagement, inclusion and wellbeing. The researchers will acknowledge the limitations of the current research, and discuss the challenges and opportunities for future study.

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