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Brown bag seminar for School of Management staff Investigating philanthrocapitalism in the UK

In this seminar, Steph Haywood, researcher with the Centre for the Study of Philanthropy and Public Good, will be presenting a talk titled, ‘Habitus, capitals, and strategies: the engagement of high-net-worth-individuals in the UK philanthrocapitalism sub-field'.

Introducing her work, Haywood notes: “Despite the growing policy- and agenda-setting abilities of philanthrocapitalists, attention on their perspectives, experiences and approaches has so far been limited. Research has focused overwhelmingly on the US context, and been reliant on secondary data sources.”

In a project designed to address these limitations, she has interviewed 42 philanthropists. This presentation will focus on her findings about interviewees' habitus. It will distinguishing between their philanthropic habitus, which has developed during their upbringing and shaped their drive to be philanthropic, and their professional habitus, which has developed during their careers and shaped how they seek to engage in philanthropy. These insights contribute a richer understanding of the habitus concept, its development and influence on high-net-worth philanthropy in the UK.

This lunchtime event is one in a series of brown bag research seminars for staff in the School of Management. The series aims to provide opportunities to showcase ongoing research and offer a regular space for colleagues across the School to come together and open up research conversations across the thematic groups and research centres.

Further details about the seminar have been circulated to School of Management staff.