Past event

Balkans Backwards and Forwards: Welcome Back to Geopolitics in the Balkans - A Panel and Q&A

Moderator: Dr Mateja Peter, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews

Panel Members

Jeta Krasniqi, Project Manager, Kosova Democratic Institute: Western Balkans: A transatlantic unfinished business?

Dr. Tena Prelec, Research Fellow, Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford: Beyond the 'geopolitical chessboard' paradigm - self-serving narratives & corrosive capital in the Balkans

Ljupcho Petkovski, Director, Stellar Research, Skopje: External Illiberals and the Lure of Reactionary Values

Bodo Weber, Senior Associate, Democratization Policy Council, Berlin:  The Belgrade-Prishtina Dialogue - a case study in transatlantic policy malpractice