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Accounting, Governance and Organisations research group Ecological accounting

This meeting of the School of Management's Accounting, Governance and Organisations thematic research group (AGOG) will welcome two visiting speakers.

Clément Boyer, PhD candidate at Paris Dauphine University and visiting scholar with the School of Management, will present ‘Accounting for soil preservation from the organisation to the socio-ecosystem level'. This research explores how to account for soil by drawing on an inquiry of soil preservation practices in agroecological farming.

Ewan Jenkins, Research Fellow with the School of Sustainable Development and Geography, University of St Andrews, will present ‘Carbon credits in the crofting context'. The talk will consider the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ‘Peatland Code', with focus on the particular problems faced by the crofting communities on the Isle of Lewis.

Further details have been circulated to group members. As hot drinks will be provided, the coordinators have asked for those who plan to attend the seminar to let them or the organiser Shona Russell know.