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  1. The Love of Jude

    The Love of Jude

    The Love of Jude --- Despite the recent death of Jude, his family have decided they will still celebrate his birthday. Unfortunately, Jude's...

  2. English Research Seminar

    English Research Seminar

    Professor Sharon Achinstein (Johns Hopkins University)

    "Captivity and Slavery in Milton and Grotius" Though they were both formative seventeenth-century thinkers on liberty and rights, neither Milton nor...

  3. The Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis

    The Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis

    Keynote Lecture: Prof Bob Steele CBE, FRSE, FRCS, FFPH, University of Dundee

    Talk title: Cancer Screening as a Public Health Policy Challenge.

  4. The Geopolitics of Continental and Maritime Power

    The Geopolitics of Continental and Maritime Power

    China, Russia, Britain, and the United States - S.C.M. Paine William, William S. Sims University Professor History and Grand Strategy U.S. Naval War College

    Maritime powers are the exception, while continental powers are the rule. Maritime powers can defend their homeland by sea whereas continental powers cannot....

  5. Locust: The Opera

    Locust: The Opera

    The Ghostly Tale of a Vanished Species

    Anne Guzzo's one-hour chamber opera is presented by a group of American singers and Scottish musicians, including Music Centre Associate Teachers, to mark...

  6. Sunday Worship

    Sunday Worship

    Come join us for the University Service in St Salvator's Chapel. The sermon will be preached by visiting preacher, Head of Media and PR Christian Aid,...

  7. Choral Evensong

    Choral Evensong

    A 45-minute service of prayer, both spoken and sung by St Salvator's Chapel Choir. This service will take place in person only. Important Information:...

  8. Rock pool guddling

    Rock pool guddling

    Come along and find out what creatures live in the rockpools nearby! and find out about how climate change has and does effect their environment from a ranger....

  9. The Pit and the Kit

    The Pit and the Kit

    Addiction, Heroin, and the End of Coalmining in Scotland

  10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Are you shivering with antici...pation for the Just So Society's Rocky Horror Picture Show? Well don't dream it, be it! Get ready for a night of...