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  1. Chemical and Abella -- Climate & Heritage video premiere

    Chemical and Abella -- Climate & Heritage video premiere

    Join Chemical and Abella for the release of their latest song and video on Climate & Heritage on the Tanzanian Swahili Coast, produced by Mocco Genius. The...

  2. Wee Wardlaws -- Buzzy Bees
    Limited access

    Wee Wardlaws -- Buzzy Bees

    After our first Wee Wardlaw's last month, we cannot wait to welcome you all back! Help your little one explore the world around them through museum objects,...

  3. Death Café

    Death Café

    After a long year of online Death Cafés, it's wonderful that we can be together for them in July and August 2021, thanks to St andrews Botanic Garden. In a...

  4. Death Café

    Death Café

    Wednesdays 21 July and 25 August 25, 5.00pm FREE but please book in advance at St andrews Botanic Garden Simply show your booking confirmation...

  5. All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre: The Swings

    All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre: The Swings

    Byre Theatre presents the All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre: a five-metre-high giant swing set, two swings, two aerialists and a sound installation where you...

  6. Unicorn Dance Party

    Unicorn Dance Party

    You are invited to find your inner unicorn at these joyous performances for young and family audiences from Sarah Rose Graber and Ruxy Cantir. The Unicorn Dance...

  7. Fizzicals: Mind the Gap

    Fizzicals: Mind the Gap

    Bridge the gap between yourself and others, across language, culture and the great divide of socially distanced space. Mischief La Bas -- three performers...

  8. All About Energy Podcast

    All About Energy Podcast

    Lubomila Jordanova and the Business of Sustainability

    Our host James and Centre for Energy Ethics PhD researcher Anna Rauter discuss energy news. Subjects will include rising oil prices alongside falling investment...

  9. City Breakz Pop Up Hip Hop

    City Breakz Pop Up Hip Hop

    An outdoor hip-hop and break-dancing pop-up from Room 2 Manoeuvre and Tony Mills which takes the classic hip-hop throw down and brings it to unconventional...

  10. STACEES Image Networking Event

    STACEES Image Networking Event

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